Do You Believe Lifestyle Lift Works?

I had a consulation for Lifestyle Lift today and planned to have the procedure but I am reading many negative reviews and the NY state complaint, so I'm reconsidering. Do you believe this procedure works?


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Lifestyle lift

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This is a marketed procedure basically  amodification of a limited scar facelift that is often performed by non-plastic surgeons. I would stick with board certified plastic surgeons to get a facelift.

Not a believer. What is it?

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This is a technique with no writtien documentation or explanation. Therefore it is impossible to evaluate or judge the results other than the promotional material that is deistributed by the company. Traditional face lift techniques are accurately described and repeated by other physicians confirming consistent results. Thererfore I am not a fan of this technique and would not recommend it.

Lifestyle Lift - Obviously it Does Something

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"Lifestyle lift" is just a name, but just like any other facelift, it "works" in that it does do some lifting when done right. However, the results will vary considerably, like any other type of cosmetic surgery, with the skills and experience of the surgeon doing it. Surgeons have to pay to use the name "Lifestyle Lift" and the company they pay market and provide patients for them in return. The most experienced and skilled surgeons have a good enough word-of-mouth reputation and are busy enough where they don't have to market heavily or pay some company to provide patients for them. Make sure you look at the surgeon's before and after photos and make sure he/she has a LOT of them to the point you are convinced that he/she does consistently excellent work.  Also ask the doctor to verify that ALL the "before and after" photos are his own patients.

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