Will Latisse Work on Someone Who Has Been Pulling Lashes?

I've been pulling my top lashes for 8 years now. If i were to try Latisse, would it work for me?

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As long as there are still lash follicles, Latisse will work

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Even though you have been pulling your lashes for eight years, chances are that you still have lash follicles remaining, otherwise there would be nothing left to pull on. Latisse will stimulate the follicles to grow longer, thicker, and darker. However, you need to address the issue of pulling the lashes. Is this psychological or is there some kind of irritation present? You should first have an eye exam to be sure that there is not a medical reason for pulling your lashes, and if not then you should see someone to address the psychological component.

Greenwood Village Ophthalmologist

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