Hot to Get Latisse Prescription in Australia?

I am just wondering how to get Latisse prescription in Brisbane, Australia? Can anyone tell me?

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You can get bimatoprost in Australia.

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Latisse is not approved in Australia yet. However, Lumigan is approved in Australia. Lumigan and Latisse are the same medicine, bimatoprost.

Even though the medicine is the same, there are a couple of differences that you should know about. Lumigan is used for glaucoma, and Latisse is used for eyelash growth. Lumigan is a drop put into the eye, while Latisse is applied to the eyelid margin- where the eyelashes grow. And Latisse comes with applicators. They are small brushes that are used like an eyeliner brush. And finally, the bottles are different sizes.

If you are interested in using bimatoprost for your eyelashes, I suggest that you go to your eye doctor and see if bimatoprost is right for you. Bimatoprost is a very commonly prescribed medicine, and your eye doctor will be very familiar with it.

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