What is the Risk of Re-using the Latisse Applicator?

The Latisse instructions recommend that you do not re-use the applicator on both eyes due to the risk of "contamination." How does this risk compare with using the same eyeliner pencil or mascara brush on both eyes?

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Very small risk in re-using the Latisse applicator

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The Allergan company wants to MAXIMIZE sales of the product and minimize all lawsuits.

By law, they have to advise you on every thing that could go wrong (Have you checked the side of a ladder at Home Depot or Lowe's recently?), but in effect people can cut corners. Doing so takes away your cherished right to sue them.

Latisse is SUPPOSED to be applied at night AFTER you took off your makeup and washed your face. The likelihood of infection from using the same applicator on both eyes is very small. Women do it all the time.

Good Luck.

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