Options to Get Rid of Spot Scar from Laser Treatment?

I had laser treatment done for an age spot. The nurse missed the actual spot and lasered just under the spot. The laser left a burn that now is a dark scar. This happened 2 months ago and the the scar is still dark and not fading. What is my best option for the problem?

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Try Hydroquinone and Retin A

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Next time, if you receive a laser burn, do have it attended to quickly to prevent the problem you had. There should be a dermatologist or plastic surgeon supervising whenever a laser device is used in just such an eventuality.

My recommendation, after two months, would be to try a combination of a mid strength Retinoid such as Retin A microgel .04 ( a stronger one might lead to inflammation followed by post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and Hydroquinone 4%.

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