Laser Treatment for Sagging Lower Facial Skin?

Which laser treatment can help tighten sagging skin around my mouth, cheeks and jaw? Thanks.

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Skin tightening lasers instead of facelifts.

Laser treatments for facial tightening have variable results and that makes them difficult to predict the outcome. I am aware of one study that showed only a 20% improvement with 80% of patients stating that they would not have paid for the results obtained. IF you are one of the 20% you will be happy. However, odds are that you will not. Obviously, the promotional pictures you are reviewing are pulled from the 20%. I believe they may have a place but currently I am not a strong advocate but that remains my opinion. My observations lead me to believe that these lasers, in the best of all possible situations, obtain a 10-20% improvement whereas surgery can deliver a 50-90% improvement albeit with higher risks.

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Laser treatment for sagging skin

Exilis is a great laser treatment that can help tighten sagging skin. However, to determine effectiveness it depends on the extent of sagging you have. For severe sagging, a facelift would be your best option.

Michael Constantin Gartner, DO
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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Depends on the amount of sagging and also your expectations

 There are multiple treatment plans for this issue. The treatment plan will depend on the amount sagging, skin quality and also patient expectation. Your surgeon can give you better answer after careful examination and discussing your expectations.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Lasersfor sagging skin

Lasers, whether radiofrequency (as in Thermage) or ablative (as with Fraxel re:Pair) are limited in the amount of tightening you can get. Please see an experienced laser physician (board certified in plastics, ENT or dermatology) who will first ask yo what your are unhappy with and what your goals and expectations are. Then he/she will examine you and finally give you alternatives as to how to get as close as possible to your goals. He may even tell you that your goals are unrealistic for any particular treatment to achieve. Yo must know what the limitations of any laser treatment or surgery are, how long they last, what are the risks and what if a complications occurs. Will your surgeon be able to handle and unforeseen circumstances. If you only see a physician that does laser surgery he/she will not offer you surgery as an option even if it is better for your particular circumstance. See a physician who performs surgery and uses lasers and he will recommend what is best for you.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
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