Is Smart Lipo Safe for Someone with Keloid Skin?

I weigh 174 lbs and i'm 5ft 3in tall am im a canidate for Smart lipo surgery. I'm not fat i'm toned ,but i have that baby pouch in the front.

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Patients that form true keloids should avoid any type of surgical incision

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Smartlipo, Traditional liposuction, and most other body contouring procedures require surgical incisions. If you truly do form keloids, which are progressively enlarging scars that almost behaves like a tumor, then stay away from elective surgery.

Many patients (and doctors too) label wide scars or slightly thick scars keloids. They are not. If you simply form a hypertrophic or thick scar, then it may be OK to have the small incisions required for body contouring. Just be sure to make your doctor aware.

Good Luck.

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