Is Laser Lipo Hype?

when reading about laser lipo answers by the doctors here (very interesting!) i see some doctors say laser lipo is just hype but others say it's really a great advance. How can I tell who to listen to? Are the one's saying laser lipo is great taking money from laser companies? Or are the other doctors trying to compete with inferior techology?

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Lasers are beneficial, but may or may not give you the best results

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Laser liposuction is here to stay. It will give nice results depending on whose hand is doing the procedure and their experience. It is nothing miraculous. Any new procedure will be hyped as a great new improvement but most are not any better than tried and true ones. Sure liposuction has went through so many changes over the years and many docs put their names behind new technologies and most were just hype. Laser lipo has went from Smart Lipo to many other names lipo etc. Even the newest laser lipo is ZERONA which is not even an invasive procedure at all but still a laser. Early results have been nice for something with no downtime, no pain, no surgery and results in only a few weeks. The noninvasive lipo may be the future for small areas of at.

The most consistent good results are from the tumescent technique liposculpting with micro canulas. Nothing beats it. It is a little more expensive but well worth it. Any doc with a lot of experience and an esthetic eye can do good with any technique of liposuction. You have to feel comfortable with your doc and make sure he is there for you all the way through your procedure to the final result. The wonderful thing about liposculpting is that almost everything is fixable no matter what type you undergo.

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Is laser liposuction hype?

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Lasers do not replace liposuction. Even if a laser is used to assist during the procedure, the procedure is still liposuction. I use a laser in certain circumstances, but not all. For many patients it is just hype and offers nothing additional to the results. It's important to ask lots of questions during an in-depth personal consultation with a physician who has performed a lot of liposuction. Be sure to have all your questions answered by the doctor and not just a sales person.

Pick a great surgeon, not a device!

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Laser liposuction is just another tool that happens to be new and happens to be marketed very strongly right now. What matters is the skill of the surgeon. No device will make up for that. Do your research and find the best board-certified plastic surgeon who you feel comfortable with and let him do your liposuction as he sees fit. If he does a lot of liposuction and you like his results, then trust him and his technique.

Laser lipo is indeed hype

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Laser liposuction has been promoted for several years now, yet there is not one scientific article demonstrating that it is more effective than liposuction alone.

Lasers are used before or after liposuction to supposedly improve the results, but if you take the laser away you get the same results. Plus. the addition of laser increases costs and adds more potential side effectcs. So why do doctors advertise laser lipo?....simply to attract more patients. Is that the doctor you want performing liposuction on you?

William P. Coleman III, MD
Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon

Lipo not Laser

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In my experience with the laser lipo system, I do not feel it offers an advantage for patients. The end result is the same as both laser, ultrasonic and traditional liposuction remove fat. But what it will cost a client is additional time in the operating room to implement the laser portion of the procedure. I don't feel that the advertised skin tightening is all that fantastic with either laser lipo or ultrasonic lipo.

Best advice is to go to a doctor with experience in liposuction. Removing the fat safely and evenly will produce the best results.

Good Luck!

The surgeon, not the machine, is what matters most

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Laser liposuction is simply another tool that surgeons now have at their disposal. In some patients, in may add a benefit, but in general it's the skill and judgement of your surgeon that matters most, not whether or not he uses a laser as part of his procedure.

My recommendation is to pick your surgeon, not the technology-- this is your best chance at getting an outstanding result from your liposuction procedure.

Good luck!

Dr. S

All Hype

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Yes, it is not so much what you use to remove the fat, but how you do it and how much and where. It is all technique not the machine. Laser lipo is a hype and gimmick of marketing and they have done a good job. Most surgeon, board certified plastic surgeons would agree that it is all hype.

You should look to see who is saying that it is the next best thing since sliced bread. I would bet they are not board certified plastic surgeons.


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In my opinion, laser lipo is a marketting gimmick.  There is no evidence that it is better in any way than well tested, most commonly used tumescent liposuction.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Laser lipo hype

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Like I always say, it is not the size or shape of the want but the magician waving it. Laser lipo is one form of liposuction. Whether or not there is truly skin tightening more so than other techniques is to be seen from research. Until then I would just go with a doctor that good results no matter what technique that he/she uses.

Laser Lipo

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Find a qualified plastic surgeon That you trust then let him chose the instrument he likes to work with to do the job well. Laser is another gadget that the industry is pushing without real scientific evidence of it's superiority as compared to the traditional liposuction.

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