IPL for Outdoorsy People?

I am a 50-ish female who is athletic; biking, ski instructor. What kind of skin treatments are recommended to even out my skin tone (basal scars, brown and red spots) knowing I am an outdoorsy type?

I wear 50+ block, haven't had a "tan" in years. I don't want to waste my money on expensive treatments like IPL if it is foolish in my case. Thanks so much for helping me decide. People always say I look young for my age. I think it has something to do with my exercising so I certainly don't want to stop that! Plus it's fun: )

Does IPL make sense for outdoorsy types? Are there better treatments, like creams, and which ones?

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IPL is good for active people

For treating red and brown spots due to sun exposure, IPL is an exellent option. Most people find a dramatic improvement of brown spots with a single treatment. The red spots can be a bit more stubborn and may require more than one treatment. These spots are caused by sun exposure so if, after the laser treatment, you get more sun exposure, you will find that the spots will return or new spots will emerge. However, if you are cautious about your sun exposure and it sounds like you are as you are using a good sunscreen, the uneven skin coloration will recur slowly. My practice is in Florida and many of my IPL patient come in yearly for a treatment. More often than not, after a year of tennis and golf, the spots are still much lighter than prior to their IPL treament the previous year. Another option for the brown spots is bleaching cream, which can be very effective. Bleaching cream is not effective, however, for the red spots and scars.

Hope this helps.

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