Is 13 Old Enough for Invisalign Teen?

I want Invisalign Teen because they're clear and I don't want braces. But, I'm 13 years old. Is that old enough for this treatment?

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Usually, 13 is old enough for Invisalign Teen

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Usually, girls mature quicker than boys and get all their adult teeth sooner. 12 or 13 is fine for Invisalign teen. It's just that jaw growth and facial contours need to be addressed at the same time.

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A general rule is full adult dentition

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A major key is that the permanent second molars have erupted, usually after age 12-13 and no mixed dentition (baby teeth AND adult teeth at the same time). While some offices do have cases with mixed dentition, it does complicate things and make the case less predictable.

At age 13 you MIGHT be a candidate. You should get a consultation with an Invisalign provider to know for sure.

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