Would Invisalign Refuse Express Treatment if Results Would Be Inadequate?

I am confused about what treatment to go for. Invisalign first offered express treatment but my dentist also got a plan for full treatment (17 trays). The end results do not look that different but I can see slight positive aspects with full treatment although the price is doubled.

Can anyone help? Would Invisalign refused express treatment if it was not adequate for the job / final result?

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No rejection, but sometimes warnings

If a case was desired as express, a clincheck would be created with a warning that the results anticipated likely won't happen and proceeding would be the patients own risk. They would be more than happy to take the fee and make trays, but they won't promise the desired result if they think it really needs regular Invisalign and not express.

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Invisalign does not automatically reject treatment with Express

There are certain criteria required for Invisalign to process Express cases.

The Invisalign Express with the Refinement option is available as long as your case meets the following clinical criteria and is 10 or fewer stages:

Maximum extrusion of 0.5mm
Maximum IPR of 2 mm per arch
Maximum posterior intrusion of 0.5mm
No sagittal (A/P) corrections required

Keep in mind that these are very simple guidelines and there are many situations that fit the criteria above that will not result in successful treatment with Express.

Invisalign treatment is not as simple as sending in impressions and having the company evaluate whether treatment will work, or how it will work. This is up to your Invisalign provider's experience to determine whether treatment will work.

Good luck!

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