Is Invisalign Suitable in Correcting Crossbites?

My lower canines crossbite with my upper lateral incisors. Can this be corrected by Invisalign?

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Invisalign suitable for crossbite correction

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Cross bites like that make take a little longer to fix but it is totally doable. We push the lower canine in and push the upper incisor out. And the aligners keep your teeth apart while the teeth are crossing paths so it works really great.

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Invisalign for correcting cross-bite

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Invisalign is a great treatment for cross bites. I have used it several times to correct cross bites. The Invisalign Clin-check will give you an idea of how well your bite will be corrected.

Invisalign can correct crossbites

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Invisalign can do a very nice job of correcting crossbites, as long as they aren't too severe.  When they become severe, the amount of time involved becomes so large that alternatives are a better option.

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