Invisalign or Braces to Correct Overbite or Overjet?

I have an overbite or overjet of 4 mm. I also have 3 baby teeth, 2 in my upper jaw and one in my lower. I had braces previously. Could I use Invisalign to correct my overjet? If so, I would do this and then get implants. Would it be better to have the baby teeth pulled and go into braces again? I am missing both upper canines and the braces would have to pull my first premolars into that position. Would that look natural? Also, I was told that to preserve my bite, I would have to pull the baby tooth from my bottom jaw and the corresponding permanent tooth.

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Traditional is better

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In the big picture, removing the baby teeth should be done, but replaced with implants or, at the very least, bridgework. Moving premolars to the canine position would be terrible, as the effects on your facial structure would be very bad. Braces should be used to maintain or correct the space for the implants and preserve the bite.

If narrowing or constriction of the arch form can be avoided, it should be. Invisalign can tip teeth well, but brackets are more efficient with moving roots. Overjet is often corrected with elastics, and brackets are easier to use with this. If elastics are used, then the orthodontic process is no longer invisible and use of Invisalign can be questioned. Hygiene becomes the only benefit to Invisalign at that point.

Invisalign vs. braces when missing teeth

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With regards to your question, overjet and overbite are 2 different things. Overjet is the horizontal distance between your upper and lower front teeth and overbite is the vertical distance between the upper and lower teeth. In general, invisalign is better at correcting overjet, but can help with overbite if the right attachments are used.

In your case, where you are missing teeth, have baby teeth and will ulimately require implants to replace them, it would seem that braces are the best option. Without seeing your case and records, it is hard to give a definitive answer, but the best way to align teeth and get the proper root position needed for implants is with braces, and not invisalign.

As far as your other questions about the treatment option suggested to you about moving the premolar into the canine space, etc. I would need the full set of records to comment on that as there could be a few different treatment options for you.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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