Would Insurance Cover Redo Tummy Tuck After Accident Ruined Results?

I have been in a serious auto accident about 7 months ago. I was rear ended while I was at a red light. I have serious injuries. It felt like a laser going up my spine at the time of the hit. About 2-3 months ago I was feeling alot of pulling around my navel and pain, also swelling and dissortment at my tummy tuck scar area.

I have adhesions all around the tummy tuck scar area that require surgery to fix. I have several specialist letters noting it was from the accident. Will insurance typically pay for something like this?

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Insurance Coverage of Tummy Tuck?

Revision of the scar may possibly be covered by insurance. However, to redo an entire abdominoplasty would like require you to pay out-of-pocket. It will be seen as a cosmetic procedure.

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Insurance and TT

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover a tummy tuck. Occasionally with documentation of recurrent infection they will pay for a panniculectomy (simply removing loose skin).

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Insuance Coverage

Generally, cosmetic surgery including revisions are not deemed as something that can be covered by insurance. However, the ultimate decison makers of what is deemed as being medically necessary work at your insurance company and at the insurance company of the others involved in the accident. Persistance on your part with the insurance companies may influence their decision on whether to cover the procedures especially if the other driver accepts responsibility.

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Tummy Tuck Revision after accident

Thank you for your question.

Usually, cosmetic surgery (tummy tuck revision) is not covered by insurance BUT I have had some patients who were involved in a car accident (which caused their issues) write letters and try to get the other person's insurance to cover the fees.

It really depends on the insurance company and if you can get them to agree.

Best Wishes!

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Too many unanswered questions.

If the auto accident caused the scar in the abdomen to change for the worst then the insurance would probable cover the scar revision. Seven months after the procedure the scar should be very mature and unless the wound reopened it is difficult to understand how the scar could have been effected by the auto accident.

Revising the entire abdominoplasty would not be something I would expect the insurance to cover even if the scar had been effected by the new injury.

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