Two IPL Treatments Instead of 4 to 5?

i consulted with a dermatologist about IPL treatment to remove age spots or sun discoloration on my face, chest, and hands. He recommends only 2 treatments rather than the series of 4-5 as other dermatologists do. He claims by raising the strength at the 2nd treatment, all spots should resolve after only 2 treatments. He wants payment for both treatments up front. Does this make sense?

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IPL for age spots

You may be fortunate and only require 2 treatments of IPL, but 4 to 6 treatments are typical.  Usually it is to your financial advantage to purchase a package of treatments.  If you are not happy with just 2 treatments, you could consider additional treatments.

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IPL Treatments

Personally, in my practice we always give a range of how many treatments a patient will need of IPL.  If the provider you saw said he could take care of your sundamage with 2 treatments then they must not be that bad, and he must be very confident that he can deliver this outcome.  Average amount of IPL treatments are 3 to 5 in my experience.   Yes, paying for multiple treatments at once is very common.  We call the "packages".   


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Two IPL treatments instead of 4 to 5?


Unless you have very few skin problems, it wold be hard for me to provide you the same results with two vs 5 treatments. Usually, the former is reserved for patients that have received 5 treatments and then over time, want touch ups.
It is the usual practice to increase the settings with each subsequent treatment assuming that the first setting was a safe conservative level, regardless of the device. So be careful in terms of what you sign onto. 5 treatments do cost more than 2 but the treatments are additive in their affect.

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