Doctors in Sacramento and SF Area for Hydrogel Butt Injections?

Does anyone know any reputable doctors in the Northern California area who offer Hydrogel injections for the buttocks?

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Since Hydrogel injections are not FDA appproved, consider Brazilian Butt Lift.

Many women prefer a butt lift using their own fat cells. This procedure is called the Brazilian butt lift, or autologous buttock augmentation. Using fat grafting has several benefits over implants. These include:

Avoiding use of implants or foreign material.
Treatment of multiple areas to enhance overall result.
Overall lower complication rates
Patient may benefit from losing fat from the donor sites, such as the abdomen (modified liposuction)
The waist posterior is treated with liposuction so that the Brazilian butt lift procedure is maximized. The donor cells are then injected into the buttock to the desired volume. This is performed with each buttock.

Enhancing the buttocks through the Brazilian butt lift creates a firmer, attractive and more prominent profile. Adding curves or enhancing curves to your body is one way to a fuller figure that many women envy.

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Hydrogel is not FDA approved and is not safe

I don't believe that any board certified plastic surgeon with experience in buttock augmentation would use Hydrogel. I use fat grafting for the buttocks and this technique is very reliable and the results last well.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
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"Hydrogel" Injections for Buttock Augmentation

Hi there-

Unfortunately, "reputable doctors... who offer Hydrogel injections for the buttocks" is an oxymoron...

There are no reputable doctors doing this, as hydrogel injections are not safe, and have been associated with serious problems, including infection, necrosis of tissue, and even kidney failure and death.

It is unfortunate that many nice people like yourself may not realize that things that sound too good to be true still are, even in today's world. The only safe way to increase the size and change the shape of your buttocks is through a safe surgical procedure provided by a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgeons.

Please follow the link posted to read more about this problem- and be careful!

I have seen many women who would gladly pay whatever necessary to just be rid of the "hydrogel" and feel healthy again- but once placed it is very difficult to remove. Scary.

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