How Much Does MiXto Laser Cost?

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Cost of MIXTO

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In our practice, we charge 2500 for the face and 500 for additional areas like neck, chest and hands.  Because this is such a powerful tool with significant transformative potential (as well as side effects if not used properly), we believe that it is important that a board-certified doctor perform the treatment. 

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Cost of laser resurfacing depends on anatomic areas, geographic location

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In San Francisco Bay Area, laser resurfacing for face performed by a board-certified dermatologist may vary from $2500 to $3500. In our clinic, we provide discount for additional anatomic locations such as neck or chest if performed on the same day as the face treatment.  I am sure you can find much cheaper price if procedure is done by a physician assistant or a non-core aesthetic provider. Always ask point blank, how many laser resurfacing cases of your specific skin type and priorities (e.g. acne scarring) that your aesthetic physician has performed and if there is no mention during initial consultation of possible complication or steps to minimize complications, you should run away.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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Mixto costs vary...

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Hi there-

The Mixto laser is an effective tool for management of wrinkles, acne scarring, and discoloration from aging and/or sun damage. When applied by a well trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon, the results can be outstanding.

The costs, as with any other professional service, will depend on several variables: the doctor's geographic location, your goal and the treatment details necessary to achieve it, and the reputation, skill and experience of the practitioner performing the procedure.

This last detail is important, because in some practices, it is not the doctor performing the procedure, but his/her PA or nurse practitioner. In some cases these professionals are as good as a physician might be, but nonetheless it is important to realize who, in fact, is pointing the laser at your face. Some people may be more comfortable knowing the doctor does the treatments himself.

Find a physician in your area with experience using the Mixto and visit for a consultation- review photos and ask to speak to a few former patients. Find someone you like and feel you can trust- then worry about the costs.

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