What is Livefill?

Can you give me some information about Livefill, including the cost? Is that an ideal treatment for hollow cheeks? Thanks

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LiveFill is an untraumatized fat-fascial graft

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LiveFill(R) is an untraumatized fat-fascial graft. It is taken from the pubic area and placed into areas of hollowness in the face. It is trademarked and developed by this office.

The basic biology is exactly the same as for fat injection, with several important differences.

First, the graft material for LiveFill is obtained by a process that does not damage the grafted material, so more of the material is alive than with fat injection. This in return results in more of the material surviving.

Second, precise pockets are fashioned in which to place LiveFill, rather than fat injection being injected into the tissues.

Our studies, which we have presented at the ASAPS and ASPS meetings, and published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, indicate that when 3-D CT scans are viewed before and after, 70+ percent of the grafted material survives.

The long term histology we have done also supports a normal appearance of the grafts, with blood supply intact, normal cellular architecture, etc.

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The procedure of interest.

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This is one procedure that has been trademarked. To determine the exact nature of the procedure, you should contact the office to find out the details of the procedure. It otherwise is a proprietary technique and the published information is relatively limited.

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