Should HPV Infected Patients Not Get Breast Implants?

Hepatitis B carrier should not get breast implants--one of the consideration for getting breast implants is to make sure that you are not infected. What if I am a hepatatis B carrier and I have HPV. Am I not a candiate for Breast Implants

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Hep B and HPV and implants

If your Hepatiis B is not active and your HPV is not active, and you have medical clearance because you are stable and healthy, then you can possibly get implants.

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Does HPV limit your ability to have breast implants


You general health should be stable for you to have elective breast augmentation. Your safety should be the first and main consideration. That having been said, if your hepatitis is not currently causing a problem and the HPV is not flaring, you should be OK . It is vitally important that you make sure your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist know about your complete and thorough health history. More than anything it will affect the anesthetic you have for your surgery. I hop this helps.

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Breast augmentation in Hepatitis or HPV affected patients

Generally, when surgery is limited to non-infected individuals, they usually refer to active infection in the surgical site. Although there may be other health related consdierations, namely managing medications and reaction of anesthesia, implants are not, to the best of my knowledge, contra-indicated in Hepatitis patientsm nor are they in HPV patients. Of course, overall medical management of the Hepatitis should be optimized prior to surgery.

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