Gummy Bear Cohesive for Very, Very Thin Patients?

Although Gummy Bear Cohesive breast implants are less 'wavy' than the current gel implants, they are textured. Will this present a problem for very, very thin patients and therefore lead to rippling in areas where there is no muscle coverage, for example, side bottom pole (even if implants were to placed under the muscle)? Thanks.

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"Gummy Bear" Cohesive implants may be your best bet....

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Textured surfaced implants now available in the United States do tend to be more palpable than smooth surface implants.

That's because in the USA, all we have are implants filled with either saline or non-form stable silicone. That means that if you hold an implant up on its side, the gel can migrate within the shell, leading to folding of hte shell in the area of the implant that emptied out.

With a highly cohesive filler, the gel remains fixed in its position within the shell, so no such folding occurs.

Apropos of your question, though highly cohesive implants are texttured, since the filler is highly cohesive, they tend not to ripple. Sure, some minor rippling can occur. The only way to avoid that woudl be for the manufacturer to overfill the shell to the point it couldn't collapse at all or to use a filler so cohesive that it would be very hard.

All of the highly cohesive gymmy bear implants are textured because they are teardrop shaped, and the texturing helps create friction to maintain their orientation in the body. Actually, there are round highly cohesive implants in Europe and they are all textured, but that's because European surgeons only use textured implants.

When coverage is thin, no implant is perfect. You will feel it. There are shortcomings. But overall, I believe the anatomically shaped high cohesive or so called gummy-bear implants do best. Be sure that your surgeon optimizes yoru tissue coverage and that you select a small implant!

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Gummy bear cohesive implants

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The cohesive gummy implants do not ripple, however the texturing may be more palpable than other implants.  That being said,for thin skinned patients it may be the best option unless you place alloderm over a less cohesive gel implant.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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In theory, you're the patient they're designed for

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The whole idea of the cohesive gel device is minimizing rippling in thin patients with very little coverage. Since they don't ripple AT ALL, they are likely the way to go for you. You obviously need to weigh other factors including firmness and a larger incision.

Robert Frank, MD
Munster Plastic Surgeon
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