Thermage Free with Fraxel, is It Worth It?

I have opted to invest in 4 Fraxel treatments. My doctor is offering free Thermage with the 4 Fraxel package (because Thermage and Fraxel just partnered). With all the negative comments about Thermage, I am wondering if this would be worth the time and pain (since it is free), knowing that I may not see any results. Or do the side effects still outweigh any possible benefits?

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Thermage is a great addition to Fraxel re:pair or re:store

There have been recent clinical studies showing the benefit of doing both Fraxel laser treatment and the Thermage together. What happens is that you have tightening at both a superficial and and deeper layer of tissue leading to better results. The safety profile of the current Thermage CPT is extremely good and for the hour or so it takes to get the face treated, I would highly recommend doing the Thermage as well.

UPDATE:  We no longer do Thermage.  Ulthera is more precise and more consistent results.  

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