Fraxel Repair Lite Vs. a Single Fraxel Restore Treatment

Does a Fraxel Repair Lite treatment provide the same result for fine lines as a single Fraxel Restore treatment at medium settings? And does the Fraxel Lite offer any tightening benefits at all or is it too mild to treat fine lines and skin tone?

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There is no standard setting for a Fraxel Lite treatment

There is no standard setting for a “Lite” Fraxel treatment. Different doctors can use different settings. There probably is no medical study that has compared these two in a scientifically controlled experiment; so you would have to rely on anectdotal reports from doctors who have tried this.

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Fraxel reapir Lite versus Single Treatment with Fraxel restore

Hi Drom,

I have found that patients undergoing Fraxel repair Lite see more improvement in their skin than patients who undergo a single treatment with Fraxel restore.  There is some improvement in fine lines and skin tone as well.

Good luck and be well.

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