Is Fraxel Laser Safe for Dry Skin?

My skin has undergone several sessions of peeling both Chemical and  yellow. My kin is very dry and a bit sensitive after the long treatment. But I still have acne and chickenpox scars which are in fact very annoying they are mainly on the forehead and temporal areas. Is Fraxel safe for over dry skin? And are there some areas of the face resistant to it?

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Fraxel is an excellent treatment

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If your skin is dry before Fraxel treatment, I recommend you use Epiceram to alleviate this dryness.  You should consult your trained dermatologist for possible changing your skin care line entirely - that means soap, toner, moisturizer, and serums.  If you are using any Retin-A or Alpha-Hyroxy acids, you may need to discontinue these products as well.  This is one of the reasons that I created my own skin care line of MGSKINLABS to help patients use the right product for the correct condition.

Fraxel is safe for dry skin

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Fraxel is safe for dry skin.  Your doctor can recommend a skin care program to prepare your skin for  the treatments.  Depending on the color of your skin that may also involve a lightening agent to prevent pigmentation

Fraxel repair for dry skin

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Hi Salmonella in Kuwait,

Let's start with my first suggestion that you consider changing your bacterially based name.

On a more pleasant note, Fraxel repair is safe for dry skin. You should use very good moisturizing agents for a few weeks before your treatment, and you should make sure that your skin has sufficiently recovered from your previous skin treatments. After the Fraxel repair, again the use of excellent moisturizers would be a good idea.

I have not found that there are certain areas of the face that are resistant to the laser.

When you do change your name, do try to stay away from the diarrheal bacterias.


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