Can Fraxel Lasers Cause Breakouts and Make Original Scars Worse?

I am considering laser (Fraxel, not sure which version) for mild atrophic scaring on the face. I'm dark and have oily/acne prone skin. I'm worried the treatments (he suggested 7 on low) may make me breakout, hence make original scars worse?

I finished Accutane 3 months ago, but dermatologist said that I can go by 4 months, is that okay? I read horrible reviews, such as patients getting hypopigmentation, scars, breakouts etc. Realistically, how likely is this? This dermatologist makes you go through a system of topicals before/after the laser treatments in order to prep/maintain skin (and reduce chance of breakout he says). Is this normal or is this a sign that this dermatologist is more careful or conscientious?

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