Is Fraxel Generally Better Than Other Lasers?

I'm thinking of having laser treatment and there's too many choices.

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Fraxel preference for laser treatments

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Fraxel is an excellent laser system with documented success and FDA approval for a number of skin problems.

I've used both the Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Repair lasers since they were first available and both I and my patients have been very satisfied. What I like most is the ease of systematic and consistent coverage which does not rely on "stamping". This creates a uniform pattern of treatment dots instead of grid like patterns that can result from other lasers.

There are other very effective lasers and different physicians have different preferences and different outcomes so it's not fair to say one is better.

To help you decide, first choose a board certified physician with laser experience (Dermatologists are trained in skin procedures). Check for FDA approval of the laser use. You'll find this across the web and on the specific laser manufacturer website with terminology that says FDA approved for a different variety of indications.

The RealSelf site is an excellent resource for patient feedback from various laser treatments.

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