When Will I Be Able to See Fraxel Restore Results?

Already had a lot of redness and now its pink which makes it more noticeable. Also my skin looks very, very oily and the pink makes it worse and way more noticeable. How long until the pink goes away and I'll be able to see the results from Fraxel Restore? Because I definitely don't see them right now.

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Fraxel results

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Results from Fraxel laser come from collagen remodeling that occurs in the deeper layers of your skin. This collagen remodeling - which involves degradation of old collagen and depostion of new collage - will occur over several months. Immediately you can see some improvemnt from the fraxel as the skin is slighty swollen and thus often smooth. But be patient for the long term and long lasting results that occur over 3-6 months. Often pigment or brown spots are not completely resolved with Fraxel and an additional laser treament can be used to more completely lighten the brown spots.

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