How Long Do Fractional Laser Resurfacing Results Last?

I am 55 and am considering having a fractional skin resurfacing (Matrix RF), but I hear different things about how long results will last. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Fractional resurfacing

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Brown spots may come back quickly without sun protection. Fine lines may return as well, but overall textural improvement is noted to remain for many years. The new collagen that forms in the dermis as a response to fractional resurfacing is thought to be long lasting.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fractional Laser resurfacing has minimal results

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The fractionated lasers don't treat all of the skin, and therefore can provide only minimal wrinkle improvement or tightening. I have seen many, many patients go through an entire series and see only modest improvements in pigmentation that could have been achieved with an easier less expensive laser. Unfortunately, everyone is searching for an easy no downtime answer and it just doesn't exist yet. Unless you put in the right amount of energy into the skin you won't stimulate real improvements. Even laser resurfacing results last about 2-3 years for wrinkles before collagen breaks down again.

Victor Lacombe, MD
Santa Rosa Facial Plastic Surgeon
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