How to Fix Burns from 20% at Home TCA Peel?

I did a 20% TCA Peel at home (Tuesday night). I might have overdone it and out of stupidity, I scraped it (Thursday morning) and it revealed a pinkish red painful skin.

I immediately applied neosporin and cortisone until sunday and I think it subsided but may leave a scar it feels tighten and so for now I am applying mederma with spf 30 sunscreen! I need help and I need to know what treatment should I consider doing if I go to the dermatologist?

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See a good dermatologist

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I, and many of my colleagues, have been treating internet TCA burns. You can be helped and scarring prevented if it is treated immediately. There is no one-size-fits -all correction. It is based on skin type, depth of burn, tissue response, etc, but an experience dermatologist can certainly help. Good luck. I hope a lesson was learned that can benefit others thinking about self-peels at home.

Early intervention is important to head off any problems with wound healing.

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Early intervention can prevent incipient scarring. I agree that you should see someone who can evaluate your lesions face to face. It is hard to tell from a flat photo if the area is elevated, if so you would want to have professional help. The physician can use intra-lesional kenalog and other modalities to help you.

Good luck.

Dr. Lenore Sikorski

Burn from Home TCA peel

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You should be evaluated by a dermatologist as there are several potential problems that can occur as a result of your burn and your current therapy. Stay away from neomycin. I would suggest aquaphor as soon as possible and newer products such as Biafine may be indicated but you need to have a dermatologist evaluate you.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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