Recommendations for Plastic Surgeons Who Do Fat Transfer to Breasts?

Does anyone know some plastic surgeons who perform fat transfer to breasts?

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We perform fat grafting for breast enhncement

Fat grafting is an excellent option for breast augmentation, and is without doubt the most natural feeling material, as normal breasts are already composed largely of fat. Once the fat takes, it will survive just like it did before, but only in a different place, so it will behave like normal fat getting larger or smaller as you lose or gain weight. Normal breasts do this as well due to their fat content. However fat grafting is very technique sensitive, and surgeons who do not pay attention to each aspect of the process may not get consitent results. Every component of the procedure  from fat harvesting, to fat purification, to micrografting, and even preparing the bed of time with techniques like the Brava device, can make a difference. With careful attention to every step, anywhere from 70-90% take of the injected fat can be expected to survive. Whether or not you will require more than one procedure will depend on how large you are to start, and how large you would like to be. It has been shown that approximately 250-350cc enlargement can be expected with a single procedure if all the above details are paid attention to. We have installed the first Liquid Gold mini fat bank in the US, and with just one liposuction procedure we are able to successfully store fat, which allows us to save as much fat as needed for one or more procedures.

I still perform breast augmentation with implants more frequently, particularly for women who want large augmentations and/or who have limited amounts of fat.

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Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer for breast augmentation is an extremely contraversial area.  Many physicians are concerned that this will lead to difficulty in interpreting mammagrams in the future.  The plastic surgeon who has been on the forefront of this procedure is Sydney Coleman in Lower Manhattan.

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