Is It Possible to Get Fat Grafting over Sculptra?

I was wondering if it was possible to get fat grafting in an area that has previously been treated with Sculptra? Are there any complications that might arise? Thanks in advance!

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Fat transfer and Sculptra

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Fat injections could be combined with Sculptra. This is not a commonly performed combination of treatments as most physicians do not place a multitude of products in the same plane. They might decide to layer the products over each other. Fat injections and Sculptra belong in the same plane. It is possible that the fat transfer increases blood vessel growth and circulation which might make it easier for the new fat cells to live but this has not been studied significantly. There might be an increased chance of developing a delayed infection in the Sculptra by adding fat at a later date. If the Sculptra has worked then you might consider just having more Sculptra if you need more volume. If it hasn't then you might want to consider allowing it to completely dissolve before you have a fat injection.

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Fat grafting

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It is possible but it introduces variablity and with resolution of the sculptra the contour of the area will change. The sculptra converts to collagen and this area is dense as it does not have a great blood supply. I have seen sculptra within the face and I do not believe it will allow viablity of the fat grafts within it.

I would encourage you to wait until the sculptra has resolved or is nearly resolved to allow for maximal benefit with the lowest incidence of having to return to surgery for re grafting.

Ffat grafting over Sculptra

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For fat to continue acting as a filler, it MUST be supplied by a blood supply. If the transferred fat cells are not vascularized because they were placed in scar tissue or areas similarly deficient in the needed blood supply the fat will waste away.

Moreover, fat grafts need to be used AFTER fillers such as Sculptra and others have stabilized and gone away to allow BOTH a better calculation how much fat is really needed in each area.

I would wait until the area is soft supple and stable in its appearance.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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