Facial Implants to Restore Lost Volume After Removing Fat Pads?

Nearly 20 years, ago I complained about my puffy cheeks, and my plastic surgeon removed what he said were my fat pads. Now, at age 54, I look hollow beneath my cheek bones. What can I do to get that volume back? Are there any facial implants for this problem?

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Malar& submalar implants will increase cheek volume

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Cheek augmentation using Silastic cheek implants is an excellent alternative to build volume back in the cheeks. If the fat that was previously removed was located very low in the cheek area over the teeth, it is pretty hard to augment that area. Malar and submalar implants can be used in different sizes to further augment the hollowness in the cheeks. The implant is placed through the mouth above the teeth and the gingival focus and can always be removed if the desired result is not obtained.

Facial implants versus fat grafting.

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Today, the use of facial fat injections is a popular technique for restoring facial volume loss. Implants, although popular in the past, are used less frequently. However, implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different anatomic locales.

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