Will a Facial Implant Capsule Go Away when Implant is Removed?

I had forehead contouring filling indent/bossing 6 yrs ago causing a hard ridge across forehead. Thinking the ridge was the Methyl methacrylate implant it was removed and replace with Hydroxyapetite. The ridge is still there but the doctor said he didn't touch the capsule because it will go away over time.

I've read conflicting info on this. Will it soften and go away with the implant gone?

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Capsule formation and persistence following implant removal

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The vast majority of the capsule should dissipate over time. The exception to this is that if the implant has been there for sufficiently long, microscopic portions of the original material may be present in the capsule which can cause a chronic foreign body reaction which may be hard to eliminate.

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