Congenital Eyelid Ptosis Corrected to Extent That Vision is Not Affected?

Though congenital eyelid ptosis in a 2-year-old cannot be corrected 100%, is it possible to get it corrected to the extent that vision is not covered, and his normal development will not be affected?

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Congenital eyelid ptosis repair to prevent vision loss is routinely done

The repair of congenital ptosis to prevent vision loss is a standard procedure for oculoplastic surgeons and some pediatric ophthalmologists. A variety of techniques are available and work well.

I wish your child the best of luck!

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Congenital eyelid ptosis correction without affecting vision

Congenital eyelid droopiness can be "simple", due to palsy of the sup rectus or inferior oblique eyeball muscles, due to blepharophimosis / epicanthus inversus or a Marcus Gunn jaw winking synkinetic syndrome.

You really need to have your child seen by a pediatric Plastic Surgeon or Ophthalmologist. The choice of operation would depend on the cause and may need to be re-done as the child grows.

Good Luck.

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