Another Eyelid Revision Surgery to Allow Eyelids to Fully Close?

I'm 6 days post op and I had revisional double eyelids and epicanthoplasty performed. I have a few concerns with my results.

My eyelids cannot shut fully when closed especially with the left eyelid. It seems as though too much skin is removed causing my upper eyelids to retract? Also when I close my eyes the incision line is not smooth like my first surgery result.

There's a slight fold above my incision line. I am absolutely devastated and horrified with the results and I need advise on how to improve this. Is there a need for yet another revision?

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Allow full healing to occur before deciding on revision surgery

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Since it has only been six days postop after the blepharoplasty, it is important to let the swelling come down, which will dramatically improve the results. There are skin grafting procedures that can be performed to expand the upper lid, but only after several months of healing have taken place. Most likely you will be able to close your eye after the swelling has resolved.

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Eyelid revision

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 You are too early into this recovery to know where you will be in a few weeks.  Keep close to your doctor, do as they say to keep your eyes lubricated and protected from exposure and wait until all swelling is gone to assess the actual result.

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