Breast Reduction Exercises?

I have obnoxiously large breasts, and I dread waking up in the morning because of them. I cannot afford surgery (one doctor quoted me at $15,000 for breast reduction and lift). I was wondering if there are specific exercises I can do to reduce my breast size dramatically? Thanks.

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Only surgical breast reduction will give you smaller breasts.

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If you cannot afford private fees, go to the plastic surgery clinic of a teaching hospital. There you have breast reduction done by residents under supervision. This is generally safe. In Manhattan, we supervise residents and fellows at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Also, if your breasts are really large, you may have insurance coverage for the surgery.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction with weight loss

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Exercise can make your breasts smaller if you lose weight at the same time, but it will not improve the sagging. For sagginess, you'll need to get breast lift surgery. If they are excessively large and you are suffering from pain because of their weight, you may be able to get your insurance to cover it.

Exercise Not Reliable for Breast Reduction

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Exercise and Breast Reduction

Diet and exercise may result in weight loss with some reduction in breast size. Unfortunately if you do not have good elasticity of your skin or have dense breasts this may result in more drooping. If you do not loose weight, then your breasts will remain the same size. Breast Reduction surgery by a board certified plastic surgeon is required for most patients for the best result.

Nonsurgical Methods to Reduce Breast size are Ineffective

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There are a variety of reasons why women seek non surgical alternatives to breast reduction surgery. These include; fear of surgery, fear of anesthesia, limited time for recovery and the expense of surgery.

Unfortunately, non surgical methods to reduce breast size are ineffective. Exercise may strengthen the underlying pectoralis muscles, but will have no effect on the overlying breast tissue.

Exercise has obvious benefits and some patients may loose weight with an aggressive exercise program. This might help decrease breast size, but would make breast sag worse.

For these reasons, the only effective method for reducing breast size is breast reduction surgery. If expense is your primary concern, seeking prior authorization from an insurance carrier may be an option. Also seeking a second opinion, in hope of finding better financial terms might be helpful.

Breast reducing exercises.

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Thanks for your question.  There aren't any exercises that will target reduction of size in the breast.  Obviously weight loss might cause a reduction in the size of your breasts along with the rest of your body.  Sorry.  Wish I could recommend a specific type of exercise.  

Shaun Parson, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction Exercises?

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Unfortunately,  there are no exercises to decrease breast size. Your best bet may be obtaining insurance that provides coverage for breast reduction surgery.

Best wishes.

Non-surgical reduction of the breast?

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Hi there-

Unfortunately there are no safe non-surgical means for meaningful reduction of breast size...

A woman's breast is composed of fatty tissue, glandular tissue (the milk-producing tissue), and skin- so depending on the relative volumes within your breasts, you may be able to reduce the size a bit through weight loss, which will reduce the amount of fat and therefore the overall volume. More significant volume reduction and improvement in shape and position of the breasts will definitely require surgery.

As for the availability of the surgery to you- the costs you were quoted sound a bit high- I would recommend you visit other surgeons who may be able to achieve your goals for you within a more reasonable fee structure.

Breast reduction surgery is among the procedures with the highest level of patient satisfaction, and can truly be life changing- Good luck- I hope you get what you want!

Breast reduction and contouring, breast lifting

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Thank you for your question!

The consideration of cost- you may find a surgeon that may do you surgery for less.  Another option is to consider a Resident/Fellow teaching program where the costs may be considerable less.

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

Trevor M. Born, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Exercises to Reduce Breast Size

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Unfortunately, there are no direct exercises to reduce breast size. However, for many women losing weight overall results in smaller breasts. Not everyone, as some very slim women can have large breasts. But if you're one whose breast size gets smaller with weight loss than I suggest to start that exercise program and diet.

Can't decrease breast size with exercise

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Breasts may decrease in size with weight loss since much of the volume is fat. However, when this happens, the breast look unattractive because the skin envelop is in excess and the breasts appear deflated and droopy.

Insurance will usually cover breast reduction. If you don't have insurance, $15,000 sounds like a lot. At our facility, the cash charge for breast reduction is $6550 which includes facility and anesthesia. It is presumed that the patient will go home after the operation. There is an overnight charge if the patient prefers to stay with us.

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