Options for Sagging Neck for Patients with Cancer History?

What option would be best for my excess neck problem? I had breast cancer. I did chemo and had steroids, which really puffed me up. This has caused my face to sag unless I hold my head just right what should I do?

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Options for sagging neck with history of cancer

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I will be happy to answer your questions after you answer mine:

1.When were you treated?

2. Type of treatment?

3.Type of chemo and length of treatment?

4.Are you still on steroids?

5. 3 views of your face and neck

At that point I could make a more focused recomendation.

Bronx Plastic Surgeon

Face and neck problems

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 Since you didn't send any photos, I can't make any suggestion other than to go seek the consultation or an excellent plastic surgeon and explore your options.  Maybe a facelift will be the answer.

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