Is Evolence Breeze the Most Suitable Long-lasting Lip Filler on the Market?

My Physician indicated that collagen-based fillers are longer lasting than Hyaluronic acid fillers. My understanding is that Evolence Breeze is a porcine collagen filler that lasts longer than hyaluronic acid fillers (is this true?).

Also, is Evolence Breeze the most suitable lip filler currently on the market in terms of its longevity and relatively low health risks to the consumer?


Sincerely, Lisa (British Columbia, Canada)

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Dear Lisa. Thank you for your question. Both Evolence and Evolence Breeze are supposed to last for 1 year. They have a very good safety profile with very low reaction rates. The advantage over other fillers is that they have much leass bruising and swelling. They are more uncomfortable to have injected but the discomfort goes immediately.

Both filler give excellent results - and some Plastic Surgeons may prefer them over the Hyaluronic Acids such as Restylane etc. I use different fillers depending on the patient's request and areas for injection. i may use Evolence in some people and not in others- to acheive the best results .

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

We shall see

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It is too early to tell and I am pleased with the early results of this product but it is not in wide use and I suspect it will become another option but not definitive superiority sober existing products.

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