Is European Deep Cleansing Facial Effective?

This European beauty treatments is designed for every skin type. This Facial starts of with cleaning the skin, and examined. Face steamed for 10 minutes to open pores for deep cleaned by extracting whiteheads and blackheads.

Mask applied to tighten pores, Arms and hands massaged while mask set up, and finish with Moisturizer and eye cream applied. How would be the result after doing this facial?

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European Facial

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Yes a European facial can be very effective in cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating your skin. The one great benefit of a European Facial is it can be really great for all skin types. The best way for you to decide is that facial if best for you would be for you to meet with an Esthetician and go over all of your options.

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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European facial is great for maintaining healthy skin

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A european facial is a great way to maintain healthy skin. This kind of treatment is ideal for all skin types and can address the minor concerns such as dry skin, lack of radiance, and black heads. Extractions are minimal in European facials, so if you are trying to clear up acne, a different type of treatment may suit your skin better. When the aesthetician analyzes your skin, they will be able to gear you towards the correct treatment for your skin. If a european facial is ideal for your skin, the result you can expect are brighter, more moisturized skin. The pores should be free of mild blackheads, and you should feel relaxed. If you are looking to correct sun damage, acne scarring, brown spots, or fine lines, there are a variety of other more aggresive treatments that will help to minimize these problems all while making the skin more healthy.

Kellie Mosley-Mendez, DO
Miami Dermatologist

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