How Effective is Green Peel for Acne Scars and Pimples?

Dear sir,

Can you please tell me how helpful is Green peel. I'm a 24 yr old girl. I have acne scars and I get pimples often. Please reply fast? Will there be any side effects?

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Somewhat helpful

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A series of green peels can help with acne scars, but I don't expect the scars to go away completely.  I don't think the Green Peel is the solution to acne.  Unfortunately it is not that simple.  You need to address the various causes of the acne, and probably use topical creams as well as take a look at your diet to see what you can improve.  The green peel is a wonderful peel and I have personally had it several times, but I don't expect it will handle all that you hope.

Burbank Dermatologist

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