What is the Effect of Hepatitis C on Neck Lift Surgery?

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Hepatitis C and neck lift

While Hepatitis C is not an absolute contraindication, you have to make sure that you are medically cleared and let your surgeon know that you have this medical condition.

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Hepatitis C and cosmetic surgery

While there is no absolute effect with hepatitis C, there are a few things you should be aware of. Obviously, you need to let your physician know so that the operating team is better prepared although they should take universal precautions with everyone. If your hepatitis C is active and not in remission, there is an increased risk of bleeding. Also, wound healing could be effected and you need to let the anesthesiologists know since certain anesthetics are metabolized or broken down by the liver. However, if you do not have active Hepatitis C, then there should be no increased risk from the surgery itself.

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Hepatitis C has no effect on neck lift surgery.

There is no effect of hepatitis C on neck lift surgery or any other facial surgery. It is important to know that you have the disease and make sure that your liver enzymes are within normal limits before undergoing an elective cosmetic procedure.

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Risk of hepatitis C in neck lift surgery

Hepatitis C, just like any other hepatitis can pose additional risk during surgery, if it has caused significant liver damage. Your liver is crucial in your ability to form clotting factors, and patients with liver damage from hepatitis are at increased risk for bleeding. You should consult with your internist to determine your liver health and your fitness to undergo elective surgery.

In patients with normal liver function, hepatitis C poses a risk for the operating room staff who are at risk in the event of an accidental needle stick.

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As long as you are medically stable, there should not be a risk to you. However, some surgeons may not want to operate on patients with Hep C given the risk of spread to the surgeon and the operating room staff. Given the elective nature of the procedure, it is important that this is cleared prior to your procedure.

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None at all.

 The risk is not to the patient, but to the operating room staff who are at risk. Therefore, let your doctor know to take special precautions.

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However, you are a greater risk to the operating room staff due to the possbility of spread of the disease.  Just let everyone know what you have and things should be fine.

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