Does the New Thermage Face Treatment Work Better Than Old Technology?

A chapter in a skincare book I got from the library says that Thermage has "evolved just like software" and says it's painless and effective. On realself thermage is not so popular with patients and lots of doctors. Is that because every one refers to old thermage technology? How would I identify the new thermage?

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You can get names from the Thermage web site.

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Results from Thermage have indeed gotten better. Thermage has a mixed reputation because it is often done incorrectly and on the wrong patients.

It is mostly a matter of delivering enough energy with multiple pulses. This means buying the new larger treatment heads. These are more expensive, and not all doctors make the extra investment.

So do your research. And ask to speak to a happy Thermage patient. Their web site can be helpful.

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The real deal on Thermage

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You are right that Thermage technology has improved since it first came out several years ago. Most of the early improvement, however, was in how the treatment is done rather than a change in the device. Early on it was thought that a single pulse to each area at a high setting was best; that resulted in a lot of pain, complications, and unpredictable results. Now it is done with several passes at a tolerable setting, with improvment in results and safety. The technology has since been updated too.

At effective settings, there is still some discomfort but if it is truly painful then it is being done at the wrong setting. We have also gotten a lot better at predicting who will get a good response. If you are looking for an alternative to a facelift or a tummy tuck you will be disappointed. But if you are in that in between phase where you want improvement in skin tone but don't need a lot of tightening, you are likely to be pleased. I believe that the people who rate it unfavorably were sold on the basis of unrealistic expectations.

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