Do Fat Injections Cause Lumpiness?

Do fat injections cause lumpiness?

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Only badly done fat injections cause lumpiness.


Fat injections or fat transfer can really make the face look younger.  The problem is that they are difficult to do well.  Poor technique or too much fat can lead to lumps.  But in expert hands this is rare.

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Lumpy skin after Fat injection

Yes, fat injections may contribute to lumpy skin and tissue.

Fat is a great alternative to other injections. Fat injections are also known as fat transfer or fat graft. Normally, fat is placed deep under the skin, in contrast to other injected material. Fat is taken by liposuction and transferred in small quantities to areas that need volume and rejuvenation.

Your body absorbs some of the fat, but most hopefully will survive. The remaining fat, scar tissue, or small cysts from fat all may contribute to lumpiness. Discrete areas of nodules or lumpiness may treated. Speak with a plastic surgeon to evaluate if fat injection treatment is appropriate for you. Best of luck.

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Fat grafts (injections) and lumpiness

Yes, fat injections can cause lumpiness. This may be due incomplete survival of the fat. In many instances, your body will absorb this fat. However, occasionally it may encapsulate or form firm nodules. This seems to be more common or (noticeable) around the eyes.

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