Procedure to Diminish Lower Eyelid Rim and Puffy Band?

What can I do about excessive waterline (rim) showing in the lower eyelid? I know that makeup artists call this area the waterline--the pink mucosal rim on your lower eyelid. I've noticed that the older people are, the more prominent this area is.

I'm fairly young (22 years old), but for some reason this area has always been quite noticeable and--at least to me--unattractive.

Is there any procedure that can "fix" this? Tia!

Also, what is that puffy "band" in my lower eyelid? Is there any procedure to fix that? Thanks again :)

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Treating lower eyelid problems (bulge and visible pink)

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Yes in older patients this is called an ectropion and there are procedures to tighten the lid or remove excess mucosal (conjunctiva) to roll the eyelid inwards. This is rarely performed in an individual of your age. Occasionally permanent makeup (tattoo) can diminish this appearance.

In regards to the puffiness, I beleive you are referring to the hyperrophic pretarsal orbicularis oculi muscle. This can be diminished with judicious use of botulinum toxin. It does have some risks and you should discuss this with your treating physician.

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