When to Consider Cosmetic Treatment for New Scars?

I recently had a fall which resulted in a scar right below the nose the size of almost 1cm in diameter. It's been almost a month and a red, raised scar has formed.

The texture of the scar appears glossy, and it hurts a little. I've been rubbing Bio-Oil on it since the scab came off. I'm afraid that the scar will get bigger since I've always been a bit sensitive to scarring.

Is it too early to consider cosmetic treatment?

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Early 1540 Laser treatment of red raised scars is best within first 6 weeks

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New 1540 Non ablative fractional Erbium laser treatments are a safe, effective method to reduce red raised hypertrophic scars. IPL Intense Pulsed light will reduce redness.

The earlier you start treatment the better your result will be.

I start treatments after the skin is healed at the first signs of redness and irritation usually at 4-6 weeks after injury.

If you start within the first 6 weeks scar progress will be halted. However the 1540 laser is effective no matter when you start,.

Scar revision

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 Scar revision is best delayed for at least one year after injury.  The scar needs to mature which means that the scar needs to be soft from collagen remodeling and the redness has to have faded.

Let the scar mature before considering aggressive treatment

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Your picture looks like a gigantic pink dot! I can't tell much else!

That being said, the scar is still maturing only one and a half months after your injury. Scars that are immature often look pink and raised and are tender to touch. The most important thing is to protect the scar while it's maturing. Limiting exposure to the sun and utilizing sunscreen is of tantamount importance. Massage and utilization of silicone sheets, Mederma, or moisturizing creams also hasten the maturation process.

Once the scar has faded in color and become flat, if it still looks unsightly, that's the time to consider scar revision.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Early scar treatment

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I can't see much from your photo, but early scar management should include sun avoidance, massage with some oil like emu, Vit E, Mederma, or silicone based products.  IPL can assist also.  Avoid early surgery and see how far mother nature can take you. 

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