Cosmetic Dentistry for Improving Sagging and Hollow Cheeks from Braces?

Can cosmetic dentistry helps to improve sagging and hollow cheeks caused by braces? My sister used to have a round face, but after the extraction of some permanent teeth for her braces, her face changed. Now, she looks a lot older than her age. She has sagging cheeks, nasolabial folds, uneven face, and hollow cheeks.

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There may be orthodontic options for hollow cheeks from braces

Taking out some permanent teeth to create space is a common practice with orthodontist, but many times has consequences such as this. There may be a solution to expand the upper palate to help support the desired appearance of the facial structures. Ask your dentist what options are available, and if he or she recommends seeing an orthodontist, ask if that orthodontist has experience with these specific types of situations.

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