Correcting Asymmetry After Multiple Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures?

I had plastic surgery 5 months ago. I had chin augmentation, Rhinoplasty, and Liposuction on the face. After the surgery I look very uneven, which is extremely evident when I smile. My nostrils are positioned differently, have a different shape, a fleshy bump grew on my right nose tip (doesn't subside), right jowl area looks indented. I'm satisfied with my left side, but not the right. I took photos from different angles as I think one photo might not be able to address my problem.

What surgery could I get to make my right look like the left?

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Asymmetry after an aesthetic operation is not unusual. Most of the time these cosmetic problems disappear with time. Surgical tampering at too early a time can interrupt the normal healing process and possibly create irreversible problems.

When healing has been completed (no changes are observed over a broad period of time eg. 3 months), anything you are dissatisfied with should be discussed with your surgeon. He should have discussed his policies for revision with you before undertaking the operation.


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