Is Collagen Good for Wrinkles Above the Lip?

I have wrinkles above my lip and between my chin and lower lip. Will collagen injections help with these?

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Collagen great in lips and fine lines

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Collagen can be very useful in lip lines; however, these lines are dynamic (meaning they move with muscle movement around the lips), so collagen is often cobining with very light botox to help relax the effect of muscles on the lines. Collagen is good in the fine lines because it can be injected superficially without causing problems.

Collagen is also great along or in the lip border and can help define the lips and give a mild, natural and comfortable lip enhancement. Collagen is great in the lip border because it is a more firm product than the hyaluronic acids and thus gives more structure to the lip border.

These injections are not long lasting (3-4 months) becuase they are put in superficially and in areas of movement.

Often for lines around the mouth, laser rejuvenation treatment with an ablative (CO2 or erbium) or fractional laser (like Fraxel)is the best option and the most long lasting option.

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