Orthodontics or Chin Implant First?

I have TMJ from bad orthodontics. I now have a deep overbite bite after splint therapy, and my jaw line is straight across rather than angular. I want to get a chin implant to improve my chin projection, but I may need further orthodontic work, which may or may not change the angle of my jawline. Should I do orthodontic work first? If I do the implant first, will post orthodontic work compromise my final result? Any information on the subject is appreciated.

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Dear Mike

I would recommend talking to your doctors before doing anything. The usual route is orthodontics followed by oral surgery to correct the TMJ and any other maxillofacial problems. Very of the chin will be corrected by the other procedures and may not be necessary. I would probably perform the chin aug as the last procedure, but this is something you need to discuss with all your doctors so a coordinated approach can be done and the right hand and left hand knows what each other is doing.

Good luck.

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Usually complete orhtodontia prior to jaw surgery

Your best bet is to coordinate your care between the oral surgeon and orthodontist. Typically in most instances you should have your orthodontal work completed first prior to proceeding with a chin implant. In some instances the orthodontist may advise or recommend oral surgery which may preclude the need for an implant

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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