What Can Be Done About Scars from Chemical Peel?

I've scars on my face from chemical peels. I also have discoloration and freckle. How can I have clean looking face?

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Scars after peels

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If you truly have scars after chemical peels, then sometimes steroid injections may help. If you have pigmentation changes, then sometimes post-inflammatory changes can be treated with creams.  Sometimes lasers can help as well.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Chemical peels, facial discoloration

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If these are true scars,meaning surface irregularities [not just discoloration], the approach will depend on their age, location , & whether they are depressed or elevated. The discoloration is usually "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation". This is best managed with sunscreens & bleaching agents.

Khaled El-Hoshy, MD
Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

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