How to Check for a Clinic's Reputability or Success Rate?

How can I check a clinic's reputability or success rate? I am considering laser hair removal and am trying to set up consultations with a variety of clinics.

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How to select a medical spa for laser hair removal

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Do not select your "clinic" for laser hair removal based on price. The following will keep you out of trouble and avoid complications from laser hair removal.

  • Ask to meet with the physician running the clinic, NOT just the technician
  • There should be an experienced MD on site at all times supervising and or performing your treatment.
  • What lasers are being used? New vs. old technology. Can their laser treat all skin colors?
  • Does the clinic rent or own their lasers? There is less control over quality/ongoing maintenance and upgrades when a laser is rented.
  • Don't fall for false guarantees i.e. permanent hair removal. You will grow new hairs that have not been there before- there is ongoing maintenance.

Good luck!

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How to select a medical spa for any treatment

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1- Choose clinics where there is an experienced MD on the site at all times supervising or performing your treatment.

2- You should meet with the physician prior to deciding what treatment you want or need...NOT just the technician, aesthetician or nurse.

3- Do not select your "clinic" or "med spa" for any procedure base on price. As the old adage goes..."most times you will get what you paid for."

4- You should ask questions about the equipment to make sure the equipment is up-to-date and will provide you with the results that you desire. Also, find out if they own their equipment or do they rent it.

5- Make sure to ask about all the risks not just the potential benefits. Knowing everything about the procedure is important.

6- If you are feeling pressured to purchase or to do more than what you want, I would go somewhere else for a second opinion. Your doctor should only be presenting you with all your options and allowing you to make the choices about your beauty and health. If he or she is acting more like a salesman, your best interest is no longer their priority.

I hope that helped.
Dr. Rasmussen

Steven E. Rasmussen, MD, FAAD
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